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AetherSX2 stands as an emulator designed for the Android platform, allowing users to relive the PS Two console experience on their handheld devices. This emulator enables the playing of games that have been extracted from discs on portable gadgets.

An essential component for game functionality is a BIOS image, which is obligatory, not optional. This image should originate from your personal console, utilizing a homebrew application like “biosdrain.”

To ensure optimal performance, a high-end device is requisite. We recommend a device equivalent to Snapdragon 845 or higher. This corresponds to having at least 4 robust cores, akin to Cortex-A75 level, with a Geekbench 5 single-core score of 500 or more.


AetherSX2 APK Features

  • System Simulation
  • Rendering through OpenGL, Vulkan, and Software
  • Upgrading game visuals to 1080p and beyond
  • Introducing widescreen patches for games lacking native support
  • Enabling save states
  • Supporting touchscreen and Bluetooth controller usage
  • Loading games from disc images in iso/chd/cso formats
  • Providing customizable settings per individual game

Legal Precautions:

AetherSX2 should be exclusively utilized for games that you legitimately possess and have personally extracted from discs. For the extraction process, a tool like ImgBurn can be employed to create a .iso file from the disc, followed by transferring it to your device through USB.

The AetherSX2 application is free and is distributed under the guidelines of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License (BY-NC-ND 4.0,

AetherSX2 incorporates third-party code. Information regarding the licenses for this code can be accessed by selecting “Third-Party Notices” in the navigation menu (swipe from the left).

It is vital to acknowledge that this app has no affiliation whatsoever with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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