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Sep 11, 2023
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BeautyPlus stands as a dedicated photo editing app tailored specifically for enhancing selfies. Its purpose is to refine your skin, erase imperfections, and make other adjustments, ensuring your selfies look outstanding before sharing them.

Equipped with both manual and automatic tools, this app accommodates users of all expertise levels, simplifying the process of enhancing their photos. The user interface is straightforward, allowing most users to swiftly grasp the functionality of all the tools.


Key Features of BeautyPlus APK

BeautyPlus is designed to enhance your selfies and any image showcasing your face. Although the app appears uncomplicated initially, its accessible interface is intentionally designed so. The app seamlessly interacts with your camera, allowing you to take pictures directly through it and proceed to edit them. It also supports the editing of previously saved images.

The auto-retouch feature proves popular among users, particularly new ones or those seeking quick edits. This feature automates enhancements like skin smoothing and blemish removal within seconds, preventing overly excessive editing.

User-Friendly Interface

BeautyPlus boasts an easily comprehensible interface that requires minimal time to master. While numerous tools operate behind the scenes, the app’s surface level contains three primary functions: capturing an image, using editing tools, and integrating images with other apps, including social media platforms. The interface’s deceptively simple nature belies the extensive capabilities it offers.

Moreover, the interface is designed to foster easy understanding, ensuring users navigate without confusion. Even when encountering unfamiliar tools, it usually takes mere moments to discern their purpose.

Comparable to the image editors found on social media platforms, BeautyPlus’s ease of use and features align closely. The app’s selection process is user-friendly, showcasing the impact of changes in real-time. While catering to novices, the app holds potential even for skilled photo editors.

Effortless Editing Interface

BeautyPlus provides various methods to edit images. Those new to photo editing might favor the “Easy Editor” interface, which focuses on essentials and critical tools. This interface simplifies the application of automated edits and includes features like cropping, filter application, image enhancement, and effects. Even makeup can be digitally applied through the Easy Editor.

For those well-versed in editing, BeautyPlus offers a more intricate interface encompassing over 30 editing features. Upon opening the photo editor, you’re presented with an option to use the auto-enhance tool, which streamlines basic adjustments, enabling more advanced editing. The auto-enhance tool’s degree of impact can be customized. The HD retouch feature enhances image resolution, elevating its online appearance.

This interface empowers users with an array of editing and retouching tools, filters, stickers, and makeup application. The skin editor refines and crops photos, while the Magic Brush places subtle skin effects. Moreover, this editor permits skin tone correction, teeth whitening, eye enlargement, and other enhancements. The Retouch tool offers comprehensive control over facial features, enabling reshaping and resizing. Users can address blemishes, dark circles, and wrinkles rapidly, even by adjusting head size.

BeautyPlus’s makeup applier eliminates the need for extensive makeup application before a photo. With a simple tap, you can add eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and more. Various colors and application methods are available, including facial contouring and hair color alteration.

Numerous Hidden Features

Beneath its surface, BeautyPlus conceals a wealth of features, inviting users to explore and experiment.

Videos and GIFs

BeautyPlus facilitates video and GIF creation for storage or online sharing. Filters and artistic effects can be applied before and after recording. However, the selection of editing tools for videos and GIFs is slightly more limited compared to static images.

GIFs can also be generated through the selfie-timer function, which takes periodic images forming an animated GIF. This applies to both front and rear cameras, with switching between them being seamless and intuitive.

Effortless Sharing

Given the app’s focus on enhancing images for social media, BeautyPlus streamlines sharing. Instead of saving the image, opening a social media app, manually selecting the image, and uploading it, BeautyPlus offers a direct upload option. This feature currently supports popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Privacy and Advertisements

In contrast to many apps that compromise user privacy, BeautyPlus refrains from collecting user data or subjecting users to excessive advertisements. Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the app’s commitment to data protection.

Space Considerations

While BeautyPlus itself is relatively compact, certain filters and features demand substantial storage space. For instance, the AR filter employed for image and video editing occupies a notable 1GB of device memory. Given the limited storage capacity of most devices, such a substantial memory allocation for a single feature should be considered.


  • Offers over 30 distinct editing features alongside a user-friendly interface.
  • Simplifies sharing images across numerous social media platforms.
  • Supports GIF and video recording.


  • Some features require significant memory resources.

What's new

1. Introducing ""AI Enhance"" in Editing: Elevate image quality, colors, noise reduction, and night scenes with our all-inclusive ""AI Enhance"" feature.
2. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you have any questions or issues, please refer to the articles on our Help Center ( to search for potential answers.


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