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Discover the ultimate pocket-sized racer…

If you’re on the hunt for a racing game that’s not only easy to dive into but also offers a real driving challenge, excitement, a range of cool cars, and fierce opponents, all packaged into fast and thrilling races that you can complete in mere minutes, then Car Race 3D: Car Racing should be your go-to choice.

With Car Race 3D APK: Car Racing in your pocket, you’ll have instant access to thrilling driving experiences anytime and anywhere. Your goal? To repeatedly strive for that coveted podium finish, even in the face of increasingly surreal and challenging obstacles that hurtle towards you on the track in a whirlwind of colorful chaos.


Car Race 3D APK Features

Ready to pump up your adrenaline? Here’s what Car Race 3D has in store:

Heart-Pounding Racing

Embark on 33 unique levels, each presenting a diverse array of surfaces and obstacles for you to navigate at breakneck speeds.

Diverse Locations

Race across seven different locations, each with its own track characteristics and richly detailed backdrops. These environments are adorned with ramps and tunnels and boast 14 unique neon illumination designs.

Customizable Cars

Collect and customize seven classic sports cars as you progress through the game. Achieve top positions in races to earn more cash, fine-tune your car’s engine for maximum speed, acceleration, and handling, add thrilling accessories, and pick from 15 different paint jobs to give your ride a unique look.

Ear-Splitting Sound

Who needs music when you can immerse yourself in the symphony of high-performance engines, tire screeches, and the clash of colliding metal? Race Master 3D offers a rich auditory experience alongside its simple yet striking graphics and jaw-dropping crash effects that will send shivers down your spine each time you spin off the track or come to a sudden stop.


Car Race 3D: Car Racing – A Fast, Furious, and Utterly Fun Racing Experience

In this incredibly entertaining mobile racing game, your finger stays glued to the gas pedal, and you must be prepared for anything. With unpredictable twists and turns at every corner, fine-tune your vehicle, maintain top speed, evade a vast array of obstacles, and try to stay clear of your equally zealous competitors.

Engage in super-fast, super-thrilling, psychedelic races that continually deliver new and unexpected challenges. Need for speed? You’ve come to the right place.

Expect speed, drama, incredible cars, and much more in this addictive casual driving game that seamlessly blends intuitive gameplay with outrageous fun. Start your engines now and get ready for a wild ride!


What's new

+ Version_1.146:
- Update SDK.
- Add new levels.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.145 105.9 MB 7.0 12/09/2023
1.140 133.29 MB 7.0 03/09/2023

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