ES File Manager for PC (Windows and Mac)

ES File Explorer for PC manages files into a PC or any Android device. It is also an excellent tool for storing programs.

Here is an overview of the ES File Manager

es file explorer for pc

As already mentioned, ES File is a great tool for managing files and programs effectively on your device. Here are other functions of the power tool:

  • This tool will help you access any type of information on your personal device and further allow you to share files.
  • ES File Manager will enable you to select files and upload images on your social media platforms.
  • The tool further allows users to watch movies and
  • Networks such as 3G or Wi-Fi can be easily connected, thus making user’s life easier to view online content.
  • You can access basic desktop features such as cut, copy, paste, and create options using the app.
  • This tool can further compress files into ZIP, RAR, and other file formats.
  • ES File Manager is an up-to-date app that is a hundred percent handy even for advanced Android applications.


ES File Explorer Features

Here are some reasons why ES File Manager is an exceptional tool for PC:

  • Easy to locate files

Cannot find a file or a folder? You do not have to panic. Simply click on your search bar and type the name of your file or folder and select the search button. The results will appear on your screen within seconds.

  • Give you the cut/copy/paste options

This app enables you to cut, copy, paste, delete or rename a file seamlessly by allowing you to multi-select and perform each feature on the selected files respectively.

  • Enables Bluetooth and FTP file transfer

ES File Manager not only manages files but enables file transfers via Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices.

  • ES image viewer

ES image viewer will enable you to view any image as well as watch movie previews.

  • Encryption and compression

You will be able to compress files in ZIP and other formats. Additionally, the tool further enables you to do encryptions and access RAR files.

  • Auto-Cache cleaning feasibility

The app will clean cached files or data to keep your PC from hanging due to multiple open files.

  • Has backup and restore facilities

Using the app, you can back up your files or folders in the ZIP format and protect them by creating strong passwords.


ES File Manager for Windows and Mac 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download the app for your Windows and Mac:


  • The first step is to download and install Bluestacks
  • Install and launch Bluestacks emulator
  • Type ES File Manager on the search bar
  • Install app
  • Open your Google account and download ES File Manager via Google Play using BlueStacks.
  • After successful installation of the app, you can begin exploring immediately.


Final thoughts

Since the app is a multi-tasker, you do not have to install another task manager or file explorer to manage your files. This will only take up the available space on your device. Instead, leave the works to ES File Manager. This app is an all-in-one package.

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