Family Town MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)

Family Town centers on Chloe's life journey, inviting you to join her in overcoming diverse challenges. As you navigate through engaging match-three levels, you'll accumulate funds and experience the rewarding advancement of the game.
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July 25, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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Experience the captivating world of Family Town, a captivating renovation game centered around Chloe’s life. Engage in a variety of tasks, from makeup to house cleaning, and uncover the challenges and joys that await. Navigate through challenging match-three levels to advance in the game.


Meet Chloe, the protagonist of Family Town, and gain insight into her unique life. Your journey will be filled with tasks and complex issues that both you and Chloe must address. Together, you’ll overcome obstacles and bring about meaningful transformations in Chloe’s life. Begin by enhancing her appearance through simple makeup techniques.

At the start of the game, you’ll receive a specific amount of currency, and you won’t be performing the tasks directly. Instead, you’ll see a list of required actions along with the associated costs. After payment, these actions will be executed automatically. You even have the choice to customize details like lipstick color to enhance the character’s beauty.


Following the successful makeup session, your journey continues with various tasks awaiting you. Step into Chloe’s house, a place comprising multiple levels, all in a state of disarray. Your task is to clean up the mess under the guidance of Zelda. Similar to the makeup phase, you’ll face various requests. If you lack funds, you’ll need to tackle match-three levels to progress.

Just like the makeup process, you’ll also be tasked with making decisions in the home improvement tasks. Prioritize quests as per your preference, and enjoy the thrill of unlocking new items. You’ll select furniture and gradually transform the character’s living space. With each addition, the house’s appearance evolves, introducing you to more captivating aspects of the town and its inhabitants.


Match-three games play a crucial role in funding your home improvement endeavors in Family Town. Your goal is to arrange elements of the same color, forming matches of two or more to make them vanish. This results in the collection of essential items. As you progress, the challenges grow more complex, requiring strategic moves.

Various factors assist you throughout the game, including powerful boosters that aid in achieving goals swiftly. Combining these elements creates impressive effects, enhancing the overall experience.


Embark on a journey to Chloe’s town and unveil captivating aspects of her life, such as:

  • Engage in exciting quests to uncover Chloe’s life and related characters.
  • Apply beautiful makeup layers to enhance your character’s appearance.
  • Tackle diverse tasks that require a specific amount of currency.
  • Progress through a series of match-three levels, earning funds for your endeavors.
  • Each match-three stage deepens your understanding of Chloe’s life and the town’s dynamics.


Enter the enchanting world of Family Town MOD APK, where unlimited money opens doors to endless possibilities. Download now.


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