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Fate/Grand Order APK, Familiar on TV, TYPE-MOON's Fate RPG!
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Experience the well-known Fate RPG by TYPE-MOON, now available on your smartphone. Immerse yourself in a full-scale RPG adventure. Dive into a story teeming with an astonishing lineup of over 5 million characters! Alongside the main narrative, we’ve crafted character-specific stories that cater to both seasoned Fate enthusiasts and newcomers to the Fate universe.


Overview of Fate/Grand Order APK

In the realm of 2015 AD, TYPE-MOON’s Fate RPG has graced television screens. Now, the adventure extends to smartphones. The narrative encompasses a staggering 5 million characters, offering a tale brimming with depth. Each character is granted their own unique story, catering to Fate aficionados and newcomers alike.


Summary of Fate/Grand Order APK

The year is 2015 AD. Chaldea, an entity that observes Earth’s future, detects a grim revelation – human history crumbles post-2017. The “promised future” stretching to 2115, which stood firm just yesterday, vanishes abruptly and inexplicably. The question of why, how, and by whom lingers. In 2004, a rural Japanese town witnesses the emergence of an “unobservable zone” previously non-existent.

Chaldea theorizes that this anomaly signifies the cause of human extinction and embarks on its experimental sixth endeavor – time travel into the past. This forbidden rite transforms individuals into spirits, catapulting them back in time to alter events and mend or dismantle rifts in space-time. The ritual’s title: Human Rights Protection Order, Grand Order. This encompasses those who resist fate, confronting human history to safeguard humanity.


Game Overview

A streamlined command-based battle system tailored for smartphones! As a master, you command spirits to vanquish foes and unravel enigmas. Engage in battle with your preferred Heroic Spirit or a potent Heroic Spirit – the battle strategy is yours to shape.


Smartphones and tablets equipped with Android 7.0 or later, require a minimum of 3GB RAM, and recommended 4GB RAM or higher. (Note: Intel CPUs are not supported.) Certain models might not be compatible even with the recommended version or beyond. Qua tab PZ (LGT32) is not supported. Operating systems in beta are not supported.

This app incorporates “CRIWARE (TM)” from CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.



Version Size Requirements Date
2.78.5 62.46 MB 7.0 22/08/2023
2.78.1 32.9 MB 7.0 14/08/2023
2.78.0 62.46 MB 7.0 06/08/2023

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