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Join millions of other players around the world and start your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness!
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Jul 4, 2023
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Step into the adventure alongside millions of players across the globe and embark on a remarkable journey from the serene Sara Forest to the lofty realm of High Heaven. As the leader of a valiant group of heroes, you will venture into ancient ruins, standing resolute against the encroaching forces of darkness.


Idle Heroes APK Game Features

The IDLE System

Harness the power of the IDLE system, allowing your heroes to train and grow even in your absence. When you return to your device, you’ll find your heroes significantly bolstered, equipped with new abilities, and primed for battle. Forge a formidable squad without the need for monotonous grinding!

Evolving Strategy

With over 400 Heroes across distinct factions, each possessing unique skills, the art of summoning and training is at your command. Nurture your warriors, honing them into formidable heroes, or convert them into valuable Spirit material to fuel their evolution. Craft enchanting magical gear, adorning your warriors for the triumphant conquests that lie ahead!

Abundant Content

A myriad of battlegrounds and dungeons await your exploration. Engage in heroic quests, ascend mysterious towers, partake in thrilling arena battles, and unite with a guild for an array of exhilarating adventures.

Guild Warfare

Stand shoulder to shoulder with your comrades and players from every corner of the world, united in a battle for dominion over the floating continent. Participate in collaborative guild boss battles, leading your guild to ascendancy and glory.

Global Arena

Send forth your most skilled heroes into the prestigious ARENA, where they’ll engage in heart-pounding battles. Witness their prowess as they duel online in a multiplayer spectacle, vying for honor and recognition. Ascend the ranks of the Leaderboard to claim the most prestigious rewards!

Friendly Reminder: This application requires the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions to facilitate the display of video advertisements.


What's new

1.New Features:
Treasure Train: Embark on your journey of treasure collection!
2.New Heroes:
Elena, Phantom Defier - Elena, Aylamak, Hyperspace Hunter - Aylamak, Geester, Mutated Fungus - Geester
3.New Skins:
Phantom Defier - Elena: National Beauty, Asmodel the Dauntless: Starry Groom, Scarlet Queen - Halora: Claret Sun, Hyperspace Hunter - Aylamak: Crazy Bunny Envoy, Sword Flash - Xia: Blooming Tequila
4.Other Optimizations and Bug Fixes.

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