5 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Run iOS Apps)

iOS Emulators For PC

iOS Emulators for PC

With more PC users demanding iPhone emulators for their computers, several versions have appeared in recent times.

The request is high not from ordinary users but iOS systems applications developers. It is for doing all the tasks comfortably on the computer.

It is quite exciting to know that there are also iOS emulators which you can use on Windows and Mac. They also enable you to use all the apps in the Apple Store.

But whether you are a software developer or not, you can use an iPhone emulator for PC to enjoy plenty of apps on the computer. It will enhance your experience as a user and allow you to do multiple tasks. Check out the best emulators and get a free iOS emulator for Windows PC.


Top 5 iOS Emulators for PC

As stated earlier, there are several programs, but we will talk about only the five most popular ones.


  1. iPadian Emulator

The first on the list is the iPadian emulator. It is one of the best and the most popular iOS emulator for PC. You can use iPhone and iPad apps on your computer with the help of this software.

iPadian emulator is easy to use and is a very powerful iOS emulator. It is one of the most advanced software.

Once you have it on your PC, it will enable various functions. You can use Siri and iMessage features on your computer. Besides, you can also access the Apple Store App to use multiple platforms.

Download iPadian emulator


  1. Air iPhone Emulator

Another popular one, the Air iPhone emulator, is one of the most suitable iOS software for PC. If you don’t want to use iPadian, you can get this one.

You can download it from the official website and start using it. It is also a user-friendly software with many exciting features.

When you have the Air iPhone emulator, you will gain access to any iOS app on your computer.

Download Air iPhone emulator


  1. iPhone Simulator

If you are searching for a suitable iOS simulator for your PC, iPhone simulator is the one to try out. You can perform various tasks available on iPhone with it. If you have never used an iPhone before, it will make you feel like using one.

You can download it from a reliable site and follow the instructions to use the same.

Download iPhone simulator


  1. Smartface-The ideal iOS emulator for developers

For all of you developers who need an iOS emulator for Windows PC, Smartface is the answer.

It allows you to use all iOS apps on Windows without any problem. At the same time, it has several debugging options. So, you can test the app.

Download Smartface


  1. MobiOneStudio

If you want to use a cross-platform app, MobiOneStudio is an excellent choice. Developers can test their apps using the software on cross platforms.

You can do several tasks on your PC smoothly and develop cross-platform apps in a short time. One drawback about it is the free version doesn’t last more than fifteen days.

Download MobiOneStudio


Top iPhone emulators for Mac


  1. App.io

It is an exceptional software for Mac and supports Android and Windows. However, it is not available for free.

Download App.io


  1. Appetize.io

It is another good choice for Mac and similar to App.io. It offers a live iOS demo and allows you to perform different tasks.

Download Appetize.io


  1. Xamarin Testflight

It is also an excellent option for testing apps and is related to Apple.

Download Xamarin Testflight



With so many choices available, ordinary users and developers can select their favorite. All you have to do is follow the correct steps and start using one of them.


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