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Hey there you space cowboy! Ready to go on your biggest space adventure and create your own world as a resourcer?
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Sep 7, 2023
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Hello, space adventurer! Are you prepared to embark on an epic journey through the cosmos and shape your very own realm as a resourceful explorer?

Life Bubble is a unique universe simulation and terra dome-style game that lets you forge your planet, thwart the treacherous planet destroyers and partake in daring rescue missions akin to the challenges in whiteout survival scenarios. Immerse yourself in the exploration of your vast yet intimate planetary expanse, engaging in resource collection gameplay within this captivating world.

In Life Bubble, you inhabit a personal mood bubble, assuming the role of a skilled resourcer who extracts diamonds, crystals, and minerals, while skillfully neutralizing any imposters. Unleash your creative prowess by molding your dream realm within the dream dale, meticulously tending to your terra dome microcosm.

Embark on your cosmic voyage aboard your space rocket, activate your planet detector, and pinpoint your mini-world encapsulated within a bubble as you traverse the universe. Chart your own course as a planet-shaping resourcer, expand the frontiers of your world, and amass precious ores encapsulated within your mood bubble.

Craft a vibrant realm teeming with valuable minerals, and diligently nurture your terra dome microcosm ensconced within your mood bubble. Plunge into this adventure, vanquish the imposters threatening your world, and traverse your miniature yet monumental planet, reminiscent of the universe portrayed in my little planets universe game. Safeguard your creation from a fate resembling that of a whiteout survival ordeal.

Engage in resource collection gameplay, lend a hand to stranded astronauts, and boldly traverse various celestial bodies!

Defend your cherished dream dale universe from the nefarious imposter invaders, intent on wreaking havoc upon your world. Assume the mantle of a universe-spanning tycoon, utilizing your resourceful prowess to repel them like a true space cowboy!

This game encapsulates the allure of other renowned universe simulations, such as my little universe and whiteout survival, along with the captivating planet-finding experiences!

Embark on the journey of Life Bubble, where you become a master planet crafter, thwarting the alien imposters’ nefarious plans to seize control of the universe!

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