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With REALITY, live broadcasting is made easy! Whether it’s streaming virtual avatars or real time game chats with friends, just a tap keeps you in touch!
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Sep 10, 2023
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Experience the world of live broadcasting with ease through REALITY! Whether you’re streaming with virtual avatars or engaging in real-time game chats with friends, it’s all just a tap away!

Discover a vibrant virtual community that’s entirely new and original. As a content creator, you can craft your very own avatar in REALITY.



Avatar Customization

Unleash your creativity and fully personalize your 3D avatar. Make it uniquely you! As an anime enthusiast, you can bring to life characters that have never been seen before. Add a touch of style to your streams with seasonal costumes and adorable onesies. Switch up your appearance to match your mood. REALITY takes advantage of your phone’s selfie camera to map your head and facial movements directly onto your avatar, giving it a lifelike quality!

Live Broadcasting

With your avatar, you can kickstart your own stream in a matter of seconds. Since viewers can only see your avatar, you have the option to keep your identity entirely anonymous. Need content for your stream? Enjoy drawing and card games while you entertain your audience!

Live Viewing

Tune in to watch popular streamers and captivating content whenever you please. You can even send interactive 3D gifts, chat, and more to enhance the excitement of the broadcasts! REALITY boasts minimal lag (less than 1 second), crystal-clear high-quality visuals, and data-saving viewing settings, ensuring a great experience for everyone! (*Note: Not applicable to all content.)

Connect with Your Virtual Tribe

Become a part of virtual communities with your personalized avatar. Explore collaborative streams with up to 4 individuals as they engage in games and quizzes. Stay connected with others through chat beyond the stream!

REALITY is the perfect choice if you:

  • Are a fan of vtubers, YouTube, or live broadcasting!
  • Have an interest in the world of anime avatars!
  • Love dressing up and customizing avatars!
  • Enjoy engaging in fun conversations with others!
  • Want to partake in games alongside fellow vtubers!
  • Desire to interact with vtubers from around the globe while playing casual games!
  • Seek to connect with like-minded vtubers!
  • Have a passion for singing and want to showcase your talent!
  • Wish to make friends who share your interests!
  • Are looking for someone to support and cheer for!
  • Love anime and want to immerse yourself in the virtual world alongside other vtubers using avatars!
  • Are eager to embark on creative endeavors that can’t be realized in the physical world!
  • Aspire to leave your mark on the streaming stage!
  • Hold an interest in VR, AR, and 3D content!

REALITY APK opens up a realm of exciting live broadcasting opportunities, so don’t miss out on this fantastic virtual adventure!

What's new

- Improved the readability of comments during streams.
- Room can now be opened from the profile screen even when not live streaming. Decorate your room anytime!
- Fixed an issue where the same comment could be sent multiple times.
- Improved the functionality of comments on the streaming screen.
- The layout of the streaming and viewing screens has been changed.
- The method to send likes has been changed to a double-tap on the viewing screen.
- Minor bug fixes.

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