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TextMe For PC

 It is so important to stay connected with loved ones and friends in these challenging times. But due to work schedules and other reasons, it is not always possible to be with them. But with the availability of many messaging apps, staying connected with family and friends is not difficult.

TextMe for PC

Among others, the TextMe app is one that you can use to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. The app functions smoothly and is user-friendly. However, it is only for Android and iOS and not for Mac and Windows.


But you don’t have to worry because, in this short write-up, we will find out how to use TextMe for PC.


Main Features of TextMe App Which You Can Enjoy

  • You can call family and friends from the US or Canada for free. You can also call international numbers by paying a small fee.
  • Within Canada and the US, you can use SMS and MMS features for free.
  • There is no need to get an extra data plan to use the app. You can connect to the internet using Wi-fi, 3G or LTE.
  • It has a voicemail feature that you can customize and use for free.
  • It also allows you to share your GPS location via SMS or MMS.
  • If you want to remain anonymous, a disposable number is available at hand.
  • There is also a second number if you need it for private messages and calls.
  • It also allows you to filter incoming messages and informs you about unread messages.


Installing TextMe App for Windows PC and Mac

Since the TextMe app offers so many great features, many people install it on their PC too. But as it is made only for Android and iOS, you require an emulator.


At present, there are many emulators available online. So, you have plenty of choices. However, this article will focus on two programs only. They are BlueStacks and Nox App Player.


You can follow a few simple steps to install one of the two per your preference and convenience.


TextMe for PC Using BlueStacks

If you want to do TextMe for PC free download using BlueStacks, here is what you need to do.


First of all, go to the official website of BlueStacks, at Bluestacks.com. Next, press the download button and get started. Once that task is complete, you have to browse the installer, which will require you to acknowledge the terms & conditions.


Press on the accept button and then on the install button. After you finish the installation, you need to click on the BlueStacks button and log in to your Gmail account. It will enable you to look for the TextMe app.


Next, open Google Play Store and download only the original version, “TextMe, Inc.” Once done, you can operate TextMe for PC by clicking it twice.


TextMe for PC Using Nox App Player

For Nox, go to Bignox.com and choose the installer that is right for your OS. You can download it, press on Terms & Conditions, and install it.


Follow the same process as with BlueStacks and enter Play Store and download the correct version of TextMe, as mentioned earlier. You can install and run the app once the process is complete.


Problem and Fixing Emulator

If you face any problem using the app, restart your PC and click on BIOS. Next, you must allow Intel-vt and AMD and search for AMD-v if the PC has Intel Processor.


The task is to improve emulation speed, and once you complete it, you need to update Video card drivers and DirectX.



With TextMe installed on your PC, staying connected with your loved ones won’t be a problem. You can message, send photos, and even video call whenever you miss someone.

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